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RISEN selected for Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival

RISEN has been selected for the FIAPF-accredited Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

Risen would have played in a festival programme featuring Pixar's latest film 'Onward'; Toronto FF, Stiges and Fantastic Fest Austin's Netflix acquisition 'The Platform'; and the latest HBO series from the Wire's David Simon, 'The Plot Against America'. Esteemed company indeed.

The actual festival itself has been cancelled, due to obvious reasons, but that does not diminish the selection of Risen and the recognition of the film. The festival itself was keen to reiterate this, so they have published the 2020 program online, despite the festival itself not going ahead. You can find the program here.

We live in hope that the positive response to Risen continues later into the year, once all of this uncertainty has passed and film festivals can actually open their doors to a delighted public.

Stay safe everyone! xx


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