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Free-Wheeling is a short film about how a teenage boy's vulgar dare in a public toilet is unexpectedly interrupted and he is forced to confront the shame of his actions.


Free-Wheeling explores issues of peer pressure, displacement and the use & abuse of restrictive public spaces.




JOVAN (age: 17)

Jovan doesn't possess the natural confidence of the other teens in his friendship group. His actions are usually more thoughtful and considered. He worries too much about how is is perceived by other people and takes himself a little too seriously. He is often taunted by his friends. He is usually never the leader or instigator of ideas and has come to a breaking point with his friends.

CHRISTINA (age: 35 +)

One of the integral characters is Christina, a wheel chair user who has cerebral palsy. She is ballsy and matter-of-fact but cheeky. Her presence is the catalyst for the shift in the narrative and the reason for the teenage boy to reflect on his predicament and correct his actions.

She is matter-of-fact but empathetic. The actor/character can be older/younger than this but should be female. Experience is not essential.


MIKE (age: 18)

Mike is the oldest in the friendship group (Jovan, Justin and George), and physically, the strongest. He is confident and doesn't try too hard. There is an authoritative presence about Mike that intimidates the others. He is usually the instigator of ideas and leads the group.

GEORGE (age: 17)

George is the mouthiest and heaviest set in the group. He is confident and gregarious. He doesn't usually think twice about what comes out of his mouth. He is closest with Justin in the friendship group.

JUSTIN (age: 17)

Justin is the youngest of the group and seems to like impressing Mike. Like George, he also has loose lips. Justin and George often spur each other on, but it's usually led by George.


August/September 2019 TBC. Sydney, Australia. Will be required for one to two days.


Free-Wheeling is a low budget, self-funded project. All cast and crew will be on a deferred payment arrangement, with a small fee paid. Click here for more information about Deferred Payments.



Tony Radevski started in documentary and animation, and more has more recently taken his hand to directing drama, including the short films "Dedo" and "Pilè" (‘Little Bird’). In 2017, he was selected for Berlinale Talents, an initiative of the Berlin Film Festival. His new drama project, Risen, was also selected for development in the Berlinale Talents’ Short Film Station. Risen has been supported by Screen Australia as part of the Hot Shots Plus initiative and is currently in post production. He will be moving into development for the Risen TV series in the first half of 2019.

Most of his films make a commentary on social justice issues and often focus on characters searching for a connection.


For more information, contact:

Email: tony.radevski@gmail.com

Tony's IMDB Profile: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1494022/